Mixing Certain Foods And Drugs With Supplements May Be Harmful

Dietary Supplements / The Maher Law Firm

Certain Food/Supplement Combos Could Be Dangerous Many of us do not think twice as we pop our daily vitamin, antibiotic and cholesterol  pills with our morning glass of juice. However, studies show that we need to be more cautious and thoughtful of the foods and drugs or supplements we are mixing together. Some food and drug [...]

Maker of Lazy Larry Brownies Gets a Wake-up Warning from FDA


The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to HBB LLC, the maker of Lazy Larry relaxation brownies, citing that the melatonin used in its product has not been deemed as a safe food additive. Furthermore, the FDA says it can seize the company’s brownies, should HBB continue to make and sell them. [...]