Mixing Certain Foods And Drugs With Supplements May Be Harmful

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Dietary Supplements

Certain Food/Supplement Combos Could Be Dangerous

Many of us do not think twice as we pop our daily vitamin, antibiotic and cholesterol  pills with our morning glass of juice. However, studies show that we need to be more cautious and thoughtful of the foods and drugs or supplements we are mixing together.

Some food and drug interactions can diminish the effectiveness of the medication and cause unwanted side effects.
For instance the linked article below states “With some tetracyclines, for example, you may need to avoid dairy products at the time you take the drug. If you take digoxin for your heart, you may need to steer clear of St. John’s wort and large amounts of black licorice (that contains glycyrrhizin). Take ACE Inhibitors to lower your blood pressure? Go easy on high potassium foods such as bananas, oranges and green leafy vegetables. And depending on the statin you’re taking — there are many different types in this class — you may need to avoid grapefruit.”
It is important to remember to always notify your doctor of any medications and supplements you are taking, specifically ask your physician if any new prescription you get have any
food interactions you need to know about and always read the drug information you receive from your pharmacist.

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