FDA Recommends Hospitals Safeguard Against Cyberattack

medical devices | maher law firm | frank eidsonCybersecurity vulnerabilities for medical devices and hospital networks has become a focus for the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has been working with medical device manufacturers, and federal agencies to recognize vulnerabilities that could directly impact medical devices.  The FDA is recommending medical device manufacturers, and health care facilities, take steps to assure safeguards are in place to reduce the risk of device failure from cyberattack.

Numerous medical devices contain embedded computer systems vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches.  Many of these devices are interconnected through the internet, hospital networks, and smartphones which increases the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

The FDA recommends hospitals and health care facilities:

  • Restrict unauthorized access to the network and networked medical devices.
  • Make certain appropriate antivirus software and firewalls are up-to-date.
  • Monitor network activity for unauthorized use.
  • Protect individual network components through routine and periodic evaluation, including updating security patches and disabling all unnecessary ports and services.
  • Contact the specific device manufacturer if you think you may have a cybersecurity problem related to a medical device. If you are unable to determine the manufacturer or cannot contact the manufacturer, the FDA and DHS ICS-CERT may be able to assist in vulnerability reporting and resolution.
  • Develop and evaluating strategies to maintain critical functionality during adverse conditions.

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