Magnesium Injections May Harm Fetuses

magnesium sulfate injections | maher law firm | frank eidsonMagnesium sulfate injections in pregnant women may cause low calcium levels and bone problems in developing babies or fetuses.

Magnesium sulfate is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to help control and/or prevent seizures in pregnant women with preeclampsia and eclampsia.

Preeclampsia:  Is a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, sometimes with fluid retention and proteinuria.

Eclampsia:  Is an acute and life-threatening complication of pregnancy, characterized by the appearance of tonic-clonic seizures, stroke, multiple organ failure, and death.

As of late, magnesium sulfate injections have been used in “Off-Label” procedures, (procedures not approved by the FDA) to help stop pre-term labor.

The FDA is recommending health care professionals do not use magnesium sulfate injections for more than 5-7 days to help stop pre-term labor.  Findings have shown that the use of magnesium sulfate injections for more than 5-7 days may result in low calcium levels, bone problems, osteopenia, and fractures in the developing baby or fetus.

You have the right to trust your medication is safe.  Tragically, this is not always the case.  However, victims may recoup damages through a successful product liability claim against the drug’s maker.  Well versed in product liability laws that protect consumers, our attorneys have handled countless lawsuits involving harmful pharmaceuticals.  Contact us today to discuss your potential case.


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