NSAIDs Can Increase Risk of Renal Cell Cancer

According to new data collected and reviewed by Eunyoung Cho, ScD, and a team at Harvard Medical School, long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), except for Aspirin, have been linked to an increased risk of renal cell cancer. Cho and his colleagues noted that based on their observations, the incidence of renal cell cancer has been increasing along with its risks factors of obesity and hypertension.

Every two years, the more than 75,000 women and approximately 49,000 men participating in the study were required to complete detailed questionnaires regarding their use of various types of NSAIDs. The resulting data ultimately allowed researchers to conclude that the risk associated with nonaspirin NSAIDs increased according to the frequency of use.

The study, which was supported by the Kidney Cancer Association at the National Institutes of Health, revealed that the risks and benefits of using NSAIDs should be considered prior to their use.

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