Zocor (Simvastati​n) Side Effects

The Zocor attorneys at RxRecall.com are presently investigating potential lawsuits for individuals who have experienced Zocor side effects, including severe muscle damage or kidney problems. If you or a loved one has suffered Zocor side effects, contact our dangerous drug and product liability attorneys.


Zocor (simvastatin) is a synthetic statin manufactured and marketed by Merck that is designed to lower cholesterol. It’s one of Merck’s best selling drugs but has linked to rhabdomyolsis, myopathy, muscle damage, and kidney problems.


RxRecall.com Zocor attorneys are reviewing potential Zocor lawsuits. If you have been diagnosed with muscle damage as a result of Zocor use, you may be entitled to compensation. Call 1-800-918-4559 or contact RxRecall.com to speak with an experienced, trial-tested Zocor lawyer. We will carefully evaluate your claim and explain your legal options.

Side Effects of Zocor

Serious Zocor side effects include:

  • muscle damage
  • myopathy
  • kidney damage
  • kidney failure
  • rhabdomyolysis

Zocor Myopathy

Myopathy is a muscular disease in which the muscle fibers do not function, resulting in severe muscular weakness. The primary defect of myopathy is within the muscle, as opposed to the nerves or elsewhere.

Zocor Kidney Failure

Kidney failure (also commonly referred to as renal failure) is the sudden loss of the ability of the kidneys to remove waste and concentrate urine without losing electrolytes. The disease can occur from an acute situation, chronic problems or from medications like Zocor. Problems frequently encountered in kidney failure include abnormal fluid levels in the body, deranged acid levels, abnormal levels of potassium, calcium, phosphate, anemia as well as delayed healing of broken bones.

Zocor Rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdomyolysis refers to the rapid breakdown of skeletal muscle, which results in the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the blood stream. Myoglobin is harmful to the kidneys and often results in severe kidney damage or kidney failure. The diagnosis of rhabdomyolysis is typically identified with the help of blood tests and urinalysis.

Zocor FDA Press Release

On June 8, 2011, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a press release recommending limiting the use of the highest approved dose of Zocor (simvastatin 80 mg) because of an increased risk of muscle damage. Patients taking the 80 mg dose have an increased risk of myopathy and other dangerous side effects compared to patients taking lower doses of the drug or other drugs in the same class.


“This risk appears to be higher during the first year of treatment, is often the result of interactions with certain medicines, and is frequently associated with a genetic predisposition toward simvastatin-related myopathy. The most serious form of myopathy, called rhabdomyolysis, can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney failure which can be fatal.”


The FDA is requiring changes to Zocor labels to include new information about drug interactions and dose limitations. The administration is recommending that Zocor 80 mg should not be started in new patients, including patients already taking lower doses of the drug.

Contact an RxRecall.com Zocor Lawyer

An experienced Zocor lawyer – one familiar with Zocor side effects and with the product liability laws that protect you as a consumer – can help obtain fair compensation. We have extensive experienced with dangerous drug cases. We can help you too.


If you contact our Zocor attorneys for a free consultation, please bring the following information:

  • Prescription records
  • Medical records
  • Diagnosis of any Zocor side effects
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Any correspondence with your doctor
  • Any correspondence with your insurance company
  • Bills/records of costs that you have incurred


Our Zocor attorneys will represent you intelligently and aggressively. To speak with a trial-tested Zocor side effects lawyer, contact RxRecall.com today. We will protect your rights.


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