FDA Says More Studies Needed to Determine Clot Risk with Yaz and Others

On December 8th, an FDA advisory panel will meet in order to further discuss the safety of drospirenone-containting birth control pills like Yaz and Yasmin.

These newer-generation oral contraceptives have been the subject of heated debate amongst health regulators worldwide. In the U.S., federal regulators are asking for more information, pushing for more research on the efficacy and overall safety of birth control pills containing the drospirenone hormone. In fact, while an October report from the FDA did, in fact, report the increased risk for blood clots associated with use of Yaz and similar pills, six other trials simultaneously reported conflicting data on whether these products actually do cause a heightened risk for clotting. Given the disparity between studies, the FDA has yet to reach a definitive conclusion regarding drospirenone-containting birth control pills.

It will be interesting to learn the results of this week’s FDA panel meeting, especially as it relates the future of Bayer’s Yaz sales. Last year alone, the German drug maker brought in more than $1.5 billion thanks to its popular oral contraceptive.

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