France’s Drug Safety Authority Suspends Use of Diabetes Drugs

France’s drug authority announced on Thursday that it will suspend the use of two diabetes drugs, Actos and Competact, over concerns regarding cancer risks. The decision to issue the order for drug suspension came after the results of an official study conducted by the French Public Health Insurance Office revealed that the treatments were found to slightly raise the risk of patients developing cancer of the bladder. More specifically, the study concluded that the ingredient, Pioglitazone, is the potential cause for the increased cancer risk.

The drug safety authority has ordered doctors in France to stop prescribing the two drugs but added the caveat that those patients currently using either of the drugs should continue to do so until they are able to consult their physicians.

Actos, which was approved for use in 2000, and Competact, which was approved in 2006, are both products of Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. According to drug safety authority, approximately 230,000 people in France currently use these drugs.

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