Nationwide Recall of GOPump and GOBlock Kits

gopump | goblock | maher law firm | frank eidsonSymbios Medical Products Recalls GOPump and GOBlock Kits

On the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) website:

“For immediate release – May 10, 2012 – Symbios Medical Products initiated a voluntary recall of all GoPump and Rapid Recovery System kits and GOBlock Kits manufactured with flow control components assembled prior to July 2012.  these products have been found to potentially cause excessively high flow rates, which presents a risk of patient toxicity and serious injury (e.g., seizure, dysrhythmia, death) due to a rapid influx of medication particularly in patients with low body mass or advanced age.  To date, there have been 5 complaints received, 2 of which involved serious consequences.  There have been no patient deaths reported.  The root cause is understood and processes have been put in place to address the issue.

This recall affects only the fifty (50) United States plus the District of Columbia.  distributors and clinical provider sites using these Symbios Medical Products have been notified of the affected product codes and lot numbers.  Symbios is working to secure all affected product and have it returned.  Products subject to this recall were distributed between April 1st, 2011 and April 30th, 2013.  Recall action was begun immediately upon the knowledge of the product related issues.

To view the complete report on the FDA website, click here. 

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