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Hepatitis C | The Maher Law Firm | Frank Eidson Attorney At LawHepatitis C is a form of viral hepatitis transmitted in infected blood

As of late, the oral hepatitis C drug Telaprevir (marketed under the brand names Incivek and Incivo) -  which is used for the treatment of hepatitis C, and co-developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson – has been linked to fatal skin reactions.

“Fatal cases of serious skin reactions have been reported in patients with progressive rash and systemic symptoms who continued to receive Incivek combination treatment after a serious skin reaction was identified.” said Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

The reports of death came to light during post-marketing surveillance, “Given the severity of the events reported in the post-marketing setting, and the importance of discontinuing Incivek combination treatment in the event of one of these reactions, the information has been given greater prominence through a boxed warning” said Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

During clinical trials of the drug, serious skin reactions were noted and placed on the original box warning.  Now, Telaprevir will have a new box warning stating potentially fatal skin reactions, stressing that combination treatment with Telaprevir should be stopped in patients with serious skin reactions.

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