Fungal Meningitis Updates 10/23/2012

Fungal Meningitis | The Maher Law Firm | Frank EidsonA Fungal Meningitis Report From The Food and Drug Administration:

Below is a report from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the fungal meningitis outbreak.

“FDA: More than 1,200 facilities received NECC products.”

“Several major news outlets reported that the Food and Drug Administration had posted an updated list of all clinics and hospitals that received products produced by the Framingham, Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center, since May, but at present, the list is unavailable, temporarily. The agency posted a note to its online update saying, it has “found some technical problems with the list and the data are incorrect. FDA is working to correct the list and will re-post when we are sure it is accurate.”
The AP (10/23) reports that the FDA on Monday “released a customer list” for products produced by the specialty pharmacy linked to the national meningitis outbreak.
According to the Washington Post (10/23, Sun, Kliff, 552K), “Federal regulators are asking more than 1,200 hospitals, clinics and doctors nationwide to follow up with patients who may be at risk of infection because they received injectable medications” produced by the NECC. In an update posted Monday on its website, FDA officials urged healthcare “providers to follow up with any patient who received an injectable medication from the NECC that was shipped on or after May 21.” The agency listed 1,279 clinics and hospitals that had purchased NECC products, and provided a “261-page list of those facilities and the products they ordered.” In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, “about 40 facilities, including several major hospitals and physician groups, are listed as having bought these injectable medications.”
Separately, the AP (10/23) says, “An additional 49 Illinois hospitals and clinics” have been added to the updated list. The Boston Globe (10/23, Conaboy, Kowalczyk, 228K) adds that 75 Massachusetts “doctors, hospital facilities, eye clinics, and rehabilitation centers” received NECC products.
The Raleigh (NC) News & Observer (10/23, 137K) notes that in North Carolina, 36 healthcare facilities received drug products from the NECC. The Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times (10/23, Ball, 35K) and the Boston Globe (10/23, Conaboy, 228K) in its “White Coat Notes” blog also cover the story.”

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