Actos Doubles Your Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Type Two Diabetics Taking Actos Double Their Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Actos lawsuit/ Actos side effects/ Actos UpdateTaking Actos manufactured by Takeda Pharmeceutical’s for more than two years actually doubles the risk of bladder cancer.  Although researchers said the risk is still low.

More than 115,000 records of British patients were analyzed by Canadian researchers between 1988 and 2009.  They found 88 extra cases of bladder cancer in patients that used Actos for two years or more.

Europe and the U.S issued warnings about the risk of Actos and bladder cancer last year, although Actos was kept on the market.  ”The research did prompt questions about future use of Actos,” (known as pioglitazone) said Dominique Hillaire-Buys and Jean-Luc Faillie from the Department of Medical Pharmacology and Toxicology in Montpellier France.

Takeda has said that it is “confident of the benefits of Actos in treating type 2 diabetes, and it continues to monitor the safety of all its medicines.”

Actos is in the same drug class as Avancia GlaxoSmithKline’s which has been linked to heart problems but not bladder cancer.

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