Study Suggests New Models of Hip Implants Not Better

The results of a new study have revealed that recent technology for artificial hips and keens did not perform any better than older, less expensive designs.

The study, which was published this week, utilized data collected from Australia’s orthopedic registry and encompassed information on implants introduced between the years 2003 and 2007. The findings were especially significant for patients in the United States, as several of the newer designs such as metal-on-metal hips, have been used here. Sadly, these types of implants, which have both a ball and cup made of metal, are expected to prematurely fail tens of thousands of patients, instead of withstanding their usual 15-year lifespan.

The study also showed that not a single new artificial hip or knee introduced over a recent five year period was any more durable than older ones. Moreover, approximately 30 percent of them even proved to be far worse.
The review concluded that, “not only has the introduction of this technology been potentially detrimental to patient care, but the current approach may be an important driver of increased health care costs.”

Each year, more than 700,000 Americans undergo hip or knee replacement surgery, a number which is also expected to rise as the population continues age.

(Source:; Health – online article)

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