Side Effects Of Celexa

Celexa Side Effects/ Drug RecallsCelexa Dosage Changes


FDA announces that Celexa, a widely used antidepressant, should not be used in doses larger than 40 mg per day.

Exceeding the recommended dosage could lead to fatal changes in the electrical activity in the heart.

Side effects of Celexa may be more severe in patients that have low levels of potassium and magnesium in the blood.

The FDA is calling for  a revised label for Celexa and any generic versions of the drug.

Celexa has been a blockbuster treatment for Forest Pharmaceuticals in the treatment of depression in adults.

Celexa is not recommended for children.  Last year, Forest Pharmaceuticals had to pay out $313 million dollars in a lawsuit claiming they had paid peiatricians kickbacks to endorse Ceexa and Lexapro (Forest’s derivative of Celexa).

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