FDA Cracks Down on Pfizer Website for Failing to Warn of Drug Risks

Federal regulators recently issued a written reprimand to drug manufacturing giant, Pfizer, following reports that the company was improperly marketing several of its blockbuster products on a website for their cholesterol medication, Lipitor.

The FDA faulted Pfizer for failing to properly communicate the risks associated with using several drugs including, Caduet, a pill used to treat blood pressure and cholesterol; Norvasc, used to treat high blood pressure; and Chantix, a pill used to help people quit smoking. According to the regulatory agency, the website featuring these products linked to pages with more information about the above-listed medications. The informational pages included language about what the pills do, but did not fully disclose any of the serious risks they pose. The FDA ultimately deemed the webpage to be misleading, stating that Pfizer omitted the most serious and frequently occurring risks associated with use of the drugs.

The FDA’s letter to Pfizer is the latest enforcement action in the agency’s campaign to end “bad ads.” Healthcare professionals all over the country are acting as the agency’s tipsters, helping to root out and identify false and misleading marketing practices.

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