The Blood Thinner Heparin And Death

Heparin / The Maher Law Firm The Wall Street Journal (2/23, B4, Dooren, Subscription Publication) reports that yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration announced that “22 Chinese companies supplied contaminated raw materials that were used in the making of the blood thinner heparin.”  ”The contamination was linked to 80 deaths”,  with many more being sickened by allergic reactions that happened after taking the contaminated drug in 2008.

The agency “issued an alert to stop imports” from the 22 companies, the New York Times (2/23, A15, Harris, Subscription Publication) reports. “The list is the culmination of years of investigation by the agency into the causes of a 2008 worldwide contamination scare.” The Times explains, “the listed companies make crude heparin, a white powder made from the lining of pig intestines. The FDA is asking finished heparin manufacturers not to buy from the companies.”


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