$2 million Awarded in Accutane Trial

A jury awarded Gillian Gaghan $2million in damages in the closely watched Accutane trial in New Jersey. She developed ulcerative colitis and lupus-like symptoms after using the acne medicine. The jury found that the Accutane side effects were indeed responsible for her intestinal disorder and that she did not have adequate warnings and information when she received her prescription.

The trial involved other plaintiffs with similar claims, among them the Hollywood actor James Marshall, best known for his role in the film A Few Good Men. Marshall’s attorneys argued that his promising acting career was damaged by the Accutane side effects. He developed ulcerative colitis– a health condition that prevented him from taking on challenging lead roles. In James Marshall’s case the drug company argued that he had a pre-existing medical condition and the jury found that Accutane was not a major contributor to his inflammatory bowel disease.

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