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Kugel Mesh Patch Side Effects

At RxRecall.com, we pursuing litigation involving the following defective hernia patches: Composix® E/X Mesh Patch, the Composix ®Kugel ®Patch, and the Composix® L/P patch.  We are committed to helping victims of recalled Kugel mesh patches.

The Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Patch is used to repair ventral hernias.  This mesh hernia repair patch was developed by Dr. Robert Kugel.  It consists of a bilayer polypropylene patch with a self-retaining outer memory recoil ring.  The patches are used for hernia repair caused by thinning or stretching of scar tissue that forms after hernia surgery.  According to Davol, there have been over 78,000 Kugel hernia patches distributed.

However, the Kugel mesh patch was recalled in December 2005.  Serious side effects included bowel perforations, caused by breaking “memory coil rings.”  Due to the Kugel mesh patch’s proximity to vital internal organs, if the ring breaks the resulting injuries can be serious and sometimes permanent.  An exposed sharp edge can lead to bowel perforations or chronic intestinal fistulae.

On January 8, 2008, a Federal Court judge expanded the scope of current hernia patch lawsuits to include all Davol/Bard Marlex/Teflon patches, with or without “memory recoil rings.”

If you have suffered serious side effects as a result of a defective Kugel mesh patch, contact our product liability lawyers today.  An experienced attorney can help you maximize your claim

Potential Kugel Mesh Patch Side Effects

The Kugel mesh patch used in hernia repair was originally recalled in December 2005.  Kugel mesh side effects such as bowel perforations can be caused by the “memory coil ring” that open the Kugel mesh patch if it breaks under the stress of placement.  If the ring breaks causing a hernia repair mesh failure the resulting injuries can be serious and sometimes permanent.  The main problem is that the Kugel mesh is placed near internal organs and if the recoil ring breaks an exposed sharp edge can lead to bowel perforations or chronic intestinal fistulae.

Many people who have experienced a hernia mesh failure have been forced to undergo an additional surgery and endured severe pain from the complications caused by the Kugel repair mesh failure.  In addition, patients are often left with the burden of unpaid medical bills and money lost from missing work due to the surgery and recovery time.

According to the Kugel mesh patch manufacturer Davol’s March 24, 2006 “Dear Chief of Surgery” letter a total of 31 ring breaks were reported to them. Of the 31 ring breaks reported, 20 involved patient injury, including:

  • 11 cases where the broken ring migrated into or through the patient’s abdominal wall, with associated infection in 2 cases;
  • 1 case where the ring reportedly migrated into the vagina;
  • 7 cases of bowel perforation reported in association with a broken ring;
  • 1 case of bowel obstruction, which was repaired without removal of the mesh (causality to the broken ring has not been clearly established in this case);
  • 1 reported death where the patient reportedly developed septic shock, consumptive coagulopathy and acute myocardial infarction after surgery to repair small and large bowel fistulas reportedly caused by perforation by the broken ring.

If you or a loved one have experienced Kugel mesh complications following an implant of a recalled patch or suffered injuries due to a hernia repair mesh failure you may have a claim against the manufacturer.

Contact an RxRecall.com Kugel Mesh Patch Attorney

An experienced Kugel mesh patch attorney – one familiar with potential side effects and with the product liability laws that protect you as a consumer – can help obtain fair compensation.  We have extensive experienced with dangerous drug cases.  We can help you too.

If you contact our Kugel mesh patch lawyers for a free consultation, please bring the following information: prescription records, medical records, diagnosis of any Kugel mesh patch side effects, insurance claim forms, any correspondence with your doctor, any correspondence with your insurance company, as well as any bills or records of costs that you have incurred.

Our Kugel mesh patch lawyers will represent you intelligently and aggressively.  To speak with a trial-tested product liability attorney, contact RxRecall.com today.  We will protect your rights.

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