GranuFlo Wrongful Death Heart Attacks

GranuFlo Cardiac Events May Be More Likely To Occur With GranuFlo Dry Acid Products GranuFlo is a product that is manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care Labs.  It is used during dialysis as part of the dialysate mixture.  Dialysate combines ultra-pure water, bicarbonate concentrate, and acid concentrate to aid in removing toxic waste from the blood [...]

High-Blood Pressure Medication Recalled

RxRecall / Maher Law Firm

  Isradipine Recalled Dow Jones Newswires (2/25, Loftus, Subscription Publication) reported that on Friday, GlaxoSmithKline PLC voluntarily recalled more than 394,200 bottles of isradipine because of a potential tablet mix up at Novartis AG.   U.K.-based Glaxo said Friday “it issued the voluntary recall of all bottles of [DynaCirc] remaining in the U.S. market from wholesalers, pharmacies [...]

Did A Misfilled Prescription From Walgreens Cause Death?

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Walgreens Wrongful Death Lawsuit The Louisville Courier-Journal (2/17, Riley) reports that in Kentucky, the estate of Mary Moore, of Louisville, “has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Walgreens drugstore in Jeffersontown and one of its pharmacists, (Anthony Bower is named as the pharmacist in charge that day at the store) claiming she died as the result of [...]