Pradaxa Tops FDA’s Most Reported Drug List

Pradaxa – Most Dangerous Drug

Pradaxa / The Maher Law FirmIn 2011 The Food and Drug Administration received 179,855 reports of fatal or serious drug reactions. The FDA received these reports from consumers and healthcare professionals that were reporting deadly and serious side effects of medication. (

In the list of the top ten most reported medications, Pradaxa was the most reported drug to cause death and serious side effects.

Pradaxa was reported most often in several categories including, overall number of reports (3,781), deaths (542), stroke (644), acute renal failure (291) and hemorrhage (2,367).

Keep in mind, these numbers only reflect what was reported.  Generally, it is accepted that only about one percent of serious effects get reported.

The top ten list also included:










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To see the full report:

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