Johnson & Johnson, Risperdal and Childrens Tylenol

Risperdal / The Maher Law Firm / Childrens Tylenol

Did Johnson & Johnson’s directors ignore wrongdoing? Johnson & Johnson was sued by investors in 2010 regarding the company’s marketing practices for Risperdal and for the production miscues that led to recalls of products such as children’s Tylenol. As part of a settlement of claims filed against Johnson & Johnson’s directors in federal court in Trenton, [...]

Parents Perplexed by New Dosing Information for Infants’ Acetaminophen


Following the introduction of a less-concentrated version of liquid acetaminophen for infants, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has suggested that parents and caregivers double-check the labels on all liquid acetaminophen products prior to administering any of the medicine to their child. The main problem, according to the FDA, is that the low-concentration medications are [...]

Overdose Dangers for Infants and Children

When narcotic drugs such as codeine and hydrocodone are prescribed for children, care givers need to be attentive to dosing instructions. Drugs like these can be dangerous for infants and children because of their sedative effects. HealthDay News reports that about 4% of children under three taking narcotic perscriptions receive overdoses. The study examined of [...]