Side Effects Of Celexa

Celexa Side Effects/ Drug Recalls

Celexa Dosage Changes   FDA announces that Celexa, a widely used antidepressant, should not be used in doses larger than 40 mg per day. Exceeding the recommended dosage could lead to fatal changes in the electrical activity in the heart. Side effects of Celexa may be more severe in patients that have low levels of [...]

Pradaxa Side Effects Under FDA Investigation

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Pradaxa Side Effects – FDA Update In December of 2011 the FDA conducted an investigation of reports of patients using Pradaxa in order to see if the rate of serious side effects is greater than first projected by the manufacturer. Pradaxa, a blood thinner, became available in the U.S. in October 2010.  It is used [...]

Updated Information On Birth Control Risk

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Revised Drug Labels for Yaz and Yasmin The FDA recently issued a Drug Safety Communication informing the public it has completed a review study of the risk of blood clots in women taking birth control containing dropsirenone.  Drospirenone is a synthetic form of the female hormone progesterone, and is also called progestin.  The study concludes [...]


Pradaxa/ Blood Clots/ Blood Thinners

Pradaxa (Dabigatran) What Is Pradaxa? Pradaxa is a medicine to keep your blood from coagulating (clotting) in order to prevent dangerous blood clots. Pradaxa also increases  the chances of bleeding to occur, even from minor injury. Avoid activities that may increase your risk of bleeding or injury while taking Pradaxa. Pradaxa Side Effects Pradaxa users [...]

Yaz and Yasmin Birth Control Pill Settlement

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Yaz and Yasmin Birth Control Pill Settlement of 500 Cases Reported for $110 Million It was reported in Bloomberg  on Friday that Bayer AG, the manufacturer of the blockbuster birth control drugs, Yaz and Yasmin has settled about 500 lawsuits arising out of blood clot injuries alleged to have been caused by the drugs.  It [...]

Pradaxa Thrombin Inhibitor

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PRADAXA One month after 50 cases of fatal bleeding incidents were reported, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it will conduct a complete safety review of the drug, Pradaxa (dabigatran). Pradaxa is an oral direct thrombin inhibitor that is used to prevent stroke in patients suffering from non valvular atrial fibrillation. The FDA’s [...]

Antidepressants May Pose High Blood Pressure Threat To Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Risk Increased By Antidepressant Use, Paxil Has Highest Risk Many women suffer from depression while pregnant.  The depression can become severe enough that prescription antidepressants are prescribed. Pregnancy induced hypertension (high blood pressure) risk is increased by the use of antidepressants reports The New York Times.   The British Journal for Clinical [...]

FDA Uncovers Counterfeit Cancer Drug Avastin

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Counterfeit Avastin Marketed as Altuzan in US The FDA has uncovered another batch of counterfeit cancer drug Avastin reports The Wall Street Journal.  The fakes have been packaged in Altuzan packaging, which is the Turkish name for Avastin. “Patients receiving cancer drugs or other drugs not approved by the FDA for the U.S. market may [...]

Ban Urged For Metal Hip Implants

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Mitch TRH Metal Hip Implants Risky   Metal hips implants by Mitch TRH under scrutiny by UK regulators since researchers have pointed out  devices’s risk of exposing patients to toxic materials and device’s high failure rates. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will meet June 27 to investigate safety concerns about devices made by manufacturers including [...]