FDA Drug-Risk Communications Had Delayed Or No Impact

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 FDA Reports Are Slow to Effect Prescribing Behaviors Medscape (2/15, Hitt) reports, “Many US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug-risk communications have a delayed effect, or no effect on drug monitoring or prescribing behaviors, according to the findings of a new report” published online Jan. 18 in the journal Medical Care. After analyzing data from 49 studies [...]

Drug-Trial Reporting Laws Need To Be Enforced

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FDA Asked For Explanation The Hill (2/14, Pecquet) “Healthwatch” blog reported that Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA), Edward Markey (D-MA), and Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) “on Tuesday raised concerns with federal health agencies’ enforcement efforts after a British medical journal reported that drugmakers ‘routinely fail’ to publish the results of clinical trials within the timeframe required by [...]

California’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Budget Cuts

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California Drug Monitoring System Face Budget Cuts On its website and on the air, KPCC-FM (2/16, Varney) reported on “The Madeleine Brand Show” that California “electronically track(s) the prescriptions for powerful narcotics, (More Californians die from overdosing on prescription drugs than from illegal street drugs.)  but it’s unrelenting budget cuts are threatening to close the system down.” Last [...]

Did A Misfilled Prescription From Walgreens Cause Death?

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Walgreens Wrongful Death Lawsuit The Louisville Courier-Journal (2/17, Riley) reports that in Kentucky, the estate of Mary Moore, of Louisville, “has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Walgreens drugstore in Jeffersontown and one of its pharmacists, (Anthony Bower is named as the pharmacist in charge that day at the store) claiming she died as the result of [...]

IEP What Does That Mean For My Child

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IEP – Individualized Education Program The  IEP (Individualized Education Program), is a source of angst for both schools and families of children with disabilities. Meetings can be difficult to coordinate, and schools and parents, as well as the students in question, may not agree on reachable goals and the services needed to reach those goals, as well [...]

Antidepressant Drugs And Suicidal Thinking

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Antidepressant Side Effects   Fluoxetine Decreases The Risk Of Suicidal Thoughts In Adults, While In Children No Change Was Noted The Los Angeles Times (2/7, Roan) “Booster Shots” blog reports that a review published online Feb. 6 in the Archives of General Psychiatry “suggests there is no reason to believe that antidepressants influence suicidal thinking in kids.” [...]

Device Codes And Artificial Implants

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Medical Devices Have No Uniform Labeling System   The Politico reports, the Food and Drug Administration “has been coordinating with device regulators around the world in a push to develop a uniform code that would be a regulatory relief for an increasingly globalized industry.”  The FDA sent a proposal last July to the Office of [...]

Dietary Supplements Being Recalled

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Recall Of Erectile Dysfunction & Appetite Suppressant Supplements  Healthy People Co. Recalls 15 Lots Of Seven Diatary supplements   Reuters (2/7) reports that Healthy People Co has announced that it is recalling certain lots of seven of its dietary supplements. Two of the supplements contain the erectile dysfunction drug tadalafil. The other five contain the appetite [...]